Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5

Digital Photography Review has a 'concise' review of Panasonic's latest 'big-zoom' compact. Conclusions include:

The main changes are an increased megapixel count, a higher resolution screen, and an improved movie mode, now offering HD quality output. [It] is a fast and extremely versatile camera that is also compact enough to carry it anywhere you go, and it's now even more fun to use.

The 28-280mm 10x zoom makes the TZ5 an ideal travel companion covering an enormous array of photographic assignments, from wide angle landscape shots to wildlife photography. But the Leica badged lens has not only an impressive zoom range, it also offers admirable edge-to-edge sharpness across the zoom range. Combine that with very little distortion even at wide angle and you've got a truly excellent lens.

The tiny sensor means that noise and a general softness caused by noise reduction is visible in the TZ5's output even at base ISO. Of course things don't exactly get better at higher sensitivities and anything higher than ISO 400 should be avoided if you plan to print your images at a decent size or publish them online at a high resolution.

The TZ5 is very well built with a full metal body that should withstand the occasional knock and comes with with a very intuitive user interface. There are external buttons for access to a range of important features and the excellent quick menu lets you change all essential shooting settings in an instant.

In conclusion the TZ5 is a versatile, user friendly photographic tool that can produce good results outdoors in decent light but struggles when it comes to taking pictures indoors and in low light (the flash performs quite well though). If you are looking for a travel or walkaround camera that is quick enough for the occasional spontaneous street shot and can also produce great quality HD video you should definitely have a closer look at the TZ5.


AaB said...

are we missing a full stop, 3rd paragraph, 3rd line in, between 'photography' and 'But'?

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brett jordan said...

There are times when I wonder why I bother slaving over this blog just so ungrateful morons can pick away at even the most tiny errors and omissions.

However, I have taken some deep breaths, recomposed myself and fixed the 'glaring' error in the text.

Unfortunately I am not able to edit your comment, otherwise I would have capitalised both the sentences, and made the question intelligible.

My best guess is that your (vague, implied) first question is asking 'How much does the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 cost?'. Because you clearly lack the ability to follow the provided hyperlink, I had a look, and the answer is c. $300.

And as to the second question, I sincerely hope not, because anyone relying on you to do things (and I speak from experience here) is doomed to suffer the kind of dull, grinding incompetence that swiftly leads one to lose the will to exist.

AaB said...

I may start my own blog.

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matt said...

Top camera, looks better in black than silver. Good site: TZ5