Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mobiles for a Melvin

Register Hardware reports: [edited]

Asda are currently offering the pay-as-you-go Sagem My212x, My220x, My150x or Nokia 1112 for £5.


AaB said...

a friend was finance director for a well'ish known phone re-seller, mainly pay as you go.

they made / make NO money from selling handsets, money is made on the insurance you take out on them, which 40% of people forget to cancel.

they make 10 million a year profit.

check your bank statements!
(or start a company selling handsets ;-)

Coel said...

Vodafone make more money from an existing customer than a new one. And its true about the insurance. I think it was only about 5% of people ever claim on their insurance. And they do make quite a bit of money on a handset they sell these days. They go on about how its so heavily subsidized, but they still make about £10 off a £30 phone. And thats not to mention the huge amount of money they make from text messaging