Monday, April 21, 2008

Imperial AT-AT Walker prototype revealed

I'm not entirely sure this isn't a hoax, but reports: [edited]

The Überschwerer Kampfschreitpanzer (Superheavy Armored Walking Tank) is thought to be the brainchild of notorious Nazi (mad) scientist Doctor Siegfried Qual, who built the initial prototype as a gift to Adolph Hitler.

The massive "Thor's Hammers" first appeared on the eve of the German invasion of Russia. When finally deployed they initially had a demoralising effect on the Russian forces, since the twin 88mm cannon (mounted in the vehicle's head) were capable of wrecking any Russian tank encountering it.

As the war progressed, the Überschwerer Kampfschreitpanzers became less of an asset and more of a liability. Their height made it nearly impossible to hide them, and at least one was totally destroyed and another wrecked beyond repair by a concentrated rocket attack.

Several others were damaged from artillery barrages, Russian dive bombers claimed another, and if reports are correct, one of the last was taken by several P-38 Lightning pilots, who brought it down with wing-mounted rockets.

via John Nack


AaB said...


Think that might be an AT-AT Walker. Unless George Lucas got his inspiration from Doctor Qual.


Is that Luke or a Nazi hanging from that undercarriage :-?

brett jordan said...

Did a bit more research... it's a hoax :-)

oh, and thanks for the correct title for the All Terrain Armored Transport

HonestConGempf said...

If you really weren't sure it was a hoax the instant you saw the photo and read the name, then remind me Friday to tell you about a bridge I'm selling off cheap.

brett jordan said...

Is it a nice bridge? Would it support an Imperial AT-AT Walker?

Shaun said...

Just some clever photoshopery. But what about Nazi UFOs:

brett jordan said...

That Mr Quayle, he's a caution isn't he? Surprised he didn't suggest that Nephilim were piloting the thing, missed a trick there :-)