Monday, April 28, 2008


PC Advisor built a PC/Mac hybrid for £500. Their verdict:

While it was fun to build the FrankenMac, the truth is that I'm not generally willing to live with the downsides of a build-your-own Mac over the real thing fresh from Apple's factory.

When I buy a machine from Apple, I know that one warranty covers everything, that all the parts have been designed to work together, that system updates won't leave me with a non-bootable system, and that as much thought went into the design of the interior of the machine as went into the exterior.

Having visited the build-your-own side of the Mac world, I've decided I'm more than happy letting Apple build my Macs for me, it's shown it's much better at it than I am. And who knows? Maybe one day that midrange Mac minitower of my dreams will no longer be mythical.

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