Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ikariamis a free MMOG [Massively Multiplayer Online Game, Ed] by Gameforge.

You start with your own area on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea that you can create your own civilization.

You then construct your own town. And your workers will continue their efforts (if you tell them to) even when you are logged out.

And (of course) you can cooperate or fight with other Ikariam participants.


Mr Bill said...

Thanks for that. Cerys has started her own little island and states that the game is a bit slow! You have to wait for things to be built and that's just boring!! :-( Still, she now keeps Ikariam in the background while playing another game or using MSN in the foreground - so it's not that bad :-)

brett jordan said...

Tell Cerys that her Uncle is very sorry, and that I'll be on to Gameforge with her feedback :-)

ikariam oracle said...

Hi stangers of ikariam world, we had developed ikariam mapping tool using excel & it should be good for alliance management. Come visit us sometimes at oracle4ikariam.blogspot.com. u are most welcomed there !

Jesse said...

Ikariam sucks. Don't play, it's a waste of time and if you don't spend money then eventually they will ban you for doing something that you don't realize. I saw people get suspended for "light insults" and myself got banned for helping my brother from the wrong IP address. They are making a buttload of money by making the game much more enjoyable if you pay and if you don't making changes to put you at a disadvantage. You'd be better off playing tiddly-winks.

Anonymous said...

YES! Jesse's got it totally right!

they ban for "light insults" and using diffrent pc-s, but the game is full of cheaters who use multiple accounts and all kinds of cheating scripts.
it's a stupid waste of time of a game in this day and age when you can play so many cool free games. Why would anyone play a stupid slow browser game like this? You could play this 25 years ago on a 386 with 2mb of ram, runnig win3 and it was just as slow as today! I CANT BELIEVE THERE ARE PPL WHO PAY FOR THIS GAME!