Sunday, March 09, 2008


Flickriver is: [edited]

Flickriver is an new way to explore and view Flickr photographs.

Flickriver enhances your photo browsing experience in several ways:

River of photos - the photographs are always displayed as one continuous stream - you can view thousands of photos without ever needing to hit 'next' and waiting for the next page to load! This is also known as "infinite scroll".

User most interesting photos - see other people's photos ordered by interestingness

Photos of user's contacts - see recent photos from contacts of any user


PhotoToWall said...

I liked flickriver before. But it can't show all photos in one page.
So I designed a web site called PhotoToWall.
The PhotoToWall can display all your flickr photos by thumbnail in one page.
For example, your personal page is just like following url.

If you just type
You can take tour about flickr explorer interesting today.

Could you try it and give me some suggestions?

Thank you

brett jordan said...

thanks phototowall

will bookmark it and have a look