Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cordless charging

Wildcharge reports: [edited]

The WildCharger pad is flat and thin with a conductive surface. Once a cell phone or other electronic device that is enabled with WildCharge technology is placed on the pad – anywhere on the pad and at any orientation – it will receive power from the pad. And charging speed is the same as if the device is plugged to the wall.

Enabling a portable electronic device with WildCharge technology is also simple. A WildCharge adapter attaches to – or outright replaces – the device’s back cover. This adapter has external contact-points that come in physical contact with the pad.

In the case of a RAZR phone, for example, the phone’s battery-cover is replaced with one that already has the WildCharge technology built in. Once replaced, the connector at the end of the adapter’s “charging arm” is inserted into the phone’s power plug.

Thanks to Conrad for reminding me about this one.


soraneko said...

That's a really cool idea - no more fiddling around unplugging your mobile when you're late for work or whatever :D

brett jordan said...

yep... i wonder how long it will be before it is fitted as standard on Apple equipment...

Big Bad Pete said...

As a owner of a RAZR phone I was quite interested until I saw the price of $90 plus shipping etc , plus it will need an adapter to work on UK voltages.( luckily they are not doing any international orders yet ). I guess I'll just have to keep up the weekly exercise of plugging in my phone - it's a hard life.