Friday, March 28, 2008

The blue screen cometh

Zak's 2.6GHz MacBook Pro has arrived, and the Easter weekend saw us migrating the data from his battle-scarred 1 GHz 17" PowerBook, and (gulp...) installing Windows XP Pro SP2c via Boot Camp (to run Bioshock and Crysis, natch!).

I used an OEM version of Windows (£200 less than the 'full' version) and despite dire warnings that it would not work, I'm glad to report that it all went very smoothly. The Apple instruction page has a clearly written PDF that takes you step-by-step through the process. There were a few times when it seemed like the process had 'hung', but this was probably because I'm not used to Windows' 'optimistic' progress bars.

And Zak is glad to report that (with a bit of fine tuning to the graphics settings) Bioshock and Crysis run just fine.

Oh, one word of warning, if you install Windows under Boot Camp, don't delete that weird 'untitled' hard drive icon that appears on the Apple desktop. It's the Windows 'C' drive partition. You'll need to boot into Windows to rename it.


Turtle said...

Im a macbook user too and have always wanted to run windows parellel to mac osx, but have been scared. Does it make ur mac more prone to threats?

brett jordan said...

hi turtle

if you run windows under bootcamp, and format your windows partition as NTFS, the two 'discs' are separate, so there is little chance that anyone could 'get' at the mac partition while running windows