Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Xdrive Desktop Lite reports: [edited]

Introducing the new Xdrive Desktop Lite beta

This new lightweight application utilizes Adobe AIR technology, which allows you to easily upload files and folders right from your hard drive, desktop, USB devices, or removable storage drives directly into your Xdrive web storage.

Xdrive Desktop Lite gives you the power to manage and organize documents, photos, music, videos and more in your personal online hard drive.

At this time, you can only register for the Xdrive service with an AOL or AIM screen name. However, if you would like to use an existing e-mail address as your Xdrive user name, you may register via our related product at Once you have completed the registration process, just come back to Xdrive and log in with that e-mail address.


Brett's 2p'orth: The Bluestring method of registering seems to require that you live in the United States. However, signing up to AOL is free, and not too laborious. First impressions of the software are positive, however you do have to disable pop ups on your browser for the web version to work.

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