Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More stats on the MacBook Air

Macintouch has produced an exhaustive test of Apple's sylphlike portable, including comparative tests against some current and not-so-current Macs. If you're thinking of upgrading your laptop, the article is worth a read.

Their conclusion:

"Although the MacBook Air has much to criticize — battery and hard drive foremost — its benefits are compelling. A bright, clear, full-size display and backlit keys make it usable without the squinting and crunched fingers that characterize most ultralights. It's so thin, and so light, that it slides into a bag and makes hardly a bulge; even with its power brick and video and USB-Ethernet adapters, it seems hardly to add any weight to the load.

"And MacBook Air's industrial design is a stunning union of form and function. The curved bevels make it look even slimmer than it is, yet create a super-stiff chassis, which doesn't flex or bend, and make it easy to pick the computer up off a table one-handed. Its wedge profile makes typing easy, and it settles into the lap comfortably.

"And the Air is lighter than any Mac laptop ever made before, including the legendary PowerBook Duo. Not since the black PowerBook G3 series have we used such a tactile machine; not since the PowerBook 500 series has an Apple laptop so enthralled us.

At the end of the day, the MacBook Air isn't about speed, features, or bang-for-the-buck. Its value is simply this: it's both beautiful and a pleasure to use."

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