Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Los Campesinos!

BBC Wales reports: [edited]

Formed while they were students at Cardiff University, Los Campesinos! began as a student band at Cardiff University. Before long their demo was causing a fuss all over the web, and they became one of the hottest indie tickets around.

The septet started as a trio with guitarist Neil, bassist Ellen and drummer Ollie, but gradually swelled their ranks through a complex system of musical and intellectual tasks.

The music began to come together: "Glockenspiels, melody horns, cow bells, handclaps, Casiotone keyboards, silliness and indie snobbery were then thrown in to complete the mix," explains Tom.

The music itself is an inventive, more charming British indie sound recognisable in a post-Libertines world with the saving grace of genuine intellect and humour.


Demo MP3s of:

- You! Me! Dancing!
- Death To Los Campesinos!
- It Started With A Mixx
- Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks

are available from links in the sidebar of the BBC Wales web page.

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