Monday, February 25, 2008


Onyx have just released a tiny mobile phone (60g, 91 x 35 x 18mm) targeted as a 'pub' phone', the idea being that you swap the SIM from your bulkier primary phone before heading out for a drink.

It's a nice looking item, however I'm guessing this is not going to be a winning idea for the following reasons:

1. Swapping the SIM is a pain on a lot of mobile phones.

2. The Liscio has no camera. The pub is exactly the place where a mobile's camera tends to get used.

3. Most people with 'bulkier' phones don't carry their contact/calendar data around on their SIMs.

4. Its £130 asking price puts it beyond the 'impulse/gift buy' category.

5. Most people want LESS items that require charging/organising/looking after, not more.

1 comment:

soraneko said...

Shouldn't a phoen designed for the pub be CHEAPER than your usual phone? Seeing as drinking + phone can often equal lost phone?

It's a very pretty thing, but I don't quite get it... :x