Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vodafone USB Modem 7.2

RegHardware has a detailed review.

Some excerpts...

"...hook it up to your computer and you can surf the internet at speeds of up to 7.2Mb/s - in theory, at least."

"...comes with both Mac and Windows software."

"On both platforms, checking email and web browsing felt reasonably rapid, but certainly not as quick as we get when we connected to the internet over 802.11g Wi-Fi and our home 10Mb/s broadband connection. It felt like connecting to a typical public Wi-Fi hotspot. It's not the best broadband experience, but it's certainly very usable."

"Vodafone's 7.2Mb/s HSDPA coverage isn't widespread - it's central London and 15 airports only, as of December 2007 - if you travel, you'll quickly drop down to the 1.8Mb/s service in metropolitan areas - 80 per cent of the UK population, says Vodafone - and GPRS if you go further still. Out of central London, the upload rate's a more typical 110Kb/s."

"Suggested Price: £49 on a 12-month, £25 per month contract or free on a 18-24 month, £25 per month contract."

As my observant, 'in-the-know' nephew has pointed out, Vodafone now offer a more compact modem option. For more info click here. Or, if you're in central London, visit all the Vodafone branches until you find the one that Coel is working at, then ask him for a demo - just tell him that his 'ever-luvvin' Uncle' sent you.


Coel said...

Thats old now! We do these new ones now, they're like little USB flash drives, except they're modems! And the prices you're quoting, they don't include VAT ;)

Your vodafone loving nephew


brett jordan said...

Thanks for the info Coel

Your ever-luvvin' Uncle

Big Bad Pete said...

I've been using a Vodaphone 3G data card for a few years now. In the beginning it was fine, but for the last few months now I'm only getting a GPRS signal with a rare burst of 3G now and then. Vodaphone are extremely unhelpful when I complained so I'm going to tryout the data card from 3, which can only be an improvement ,as well as costing well under half the price.

brett jordan said...

Coel, remind me to tell you what Big Bad Pete looks like, just in case he ever ventures into one of your stores looking for trouble... word of warning: he owns a LOT of power tools!

Your ever-luvvin' Uncle

Coel said...

Just to let you know that they've come down in price. Or up in value, depending on whether its for consumer use or not!

£15 a month now for consumer, whereas business users get 5GB for £30.

Although for a consumer the modem does cost a little bit more at first.