Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Logitech Z-2300 system

On the two occassions that I have braved the high street in the past 3 months, I was struck by the plethora of amplification systems available for digital music players.

Gift shops were selling them, clothes stores were selling them, coffee shops were selling them, even the oriental people who sit on the pavements selling counterfeit DVDs were selling them. So, when my eldest son decided he wanted an amplification system for his iPod, I knew I wasn't going to be starved for choice.

His main specifications were:

1. Loud
2. Lots of bass (i.e. loud)
3. Usable for a party (i.e. loud)
4. Should sound good

My main specifications were:

1. Should sound good
2. Should cost less than £100

This immediately levelled the playing field. Most of the systems are underpowered, with audio performance that makes musical greetings cards sound good.

After extensive web browsing, we decided on the Logitech Z-2300 system. Currently available from Amazon for less than £90 including delivery, it is a THX-approved system (a performance benchmark set up by George Lucas in 1983), rated at 200 watts RMS.

Two days later a large parcel arrived. The subwoofer (which also houses the amplifier) is a reassuringly solid thing, about a foot square. The satellites are also well-constructed. The volume controller is the usual silverised plastic, but it works well enough. It houses a headphone socket, which seems a little pointless.

Hooked up to the iPod's dock (don't use the headphone socket unless you have to, the sound quality is significantly reduced) via the supplied cable, the sound was very impressive. The subwoofer produces a lot of thump, and responds musically and accurately. The satellite speakers reproduce a wide range of music in a convincing and enjoyable style.

Oh, and it is loud.

For full specifications, visit the Logitech site.


soraneko said...

Good ol' Logitech :D

Aaron Butler said...

thinking of replacing you home system? :-)

glad it worked out.

Aaron Butler said...

your, your, your, your, your…
…I will continue these on the blackboard.

brett jordan said...

:-), not QUITE good enough to replace my home system, although it was good enough for me to do an A-B sample just to make sure, especially as the remote for my amp costs more than the entire Logitech system.

Anonymous said...

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