Sunday, January 13, 2008

iRobot ConnectR

No, this is not a picture of a one-parent family clinging to their dog for protection from a scary hoovering robot. This is a promotional shot for iRobot's latest offering, the iRobot ConnectR.

Basically a wi-fi enabled webcam and microphone mounted on a motorised sled, it can be remotely maneuvered over the internet via a joystick.

I'm really, really not sure about this one. How difficult can it be to gather your family around a webcam? I mean, it doesn't even have a vacuum cleaner function.


Big Bad Pete said...

Yes, it does need another function to make it more commercially successful. It could easily have a PIR added and integrated into a burglar alarm system.Also, if they could make one in the shape of a Dalek I know a few people who would buy one.

brett jordan said...

pir = passive infra red?

yes, that would be a cool idea... maybe with optional flame thrower and taser attachments in case it comes across real burglars?