Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Trailer flash

Wired Magazine (Feb 2007) reports: [edited]:

It may be a mobile home, but the Glassic Soho won't be mistaken for any of the single-wides dotting trailer parks across the US.

Developed by San Francisco architect and furniture designer Christopher Deam, it's a sleek, modem alternative living space. At just north of $59,000 for the fully furnished house (wheels included), the Classic costs at least $10,000 more than a typical trailer.

But its target market - think Eames-loving design sophisticates - seems shocked by how cheap the 400-square-foot abode is. "We're attracting a customer who says, 'We wouldn't buy anything else you sell, but we love this,'" explains Denise Walsh, a sales rep at Breckenridge, which manufactures the Classic.

Pick from three floorplans: one-bedroom, two-bedroom (no kitchen), or studio. All units come standard with a floor-to-celling wall of glass (motorised roller shades optional).


Anonymous said...

Quick note. The model is actually the Glassic, not the Classic.

brett jordan said...

Thanks anon. Fixed.