Monday, December 03, 2007

Never enough...

My iTunes collection has just reached 30,000

- 104 gigabytes of files

- 1913 hours of recordings

- Most played song, Say You Don't Mind: Colin Blunstone (43 plays)

- Earliest track added, Whole Lotta Rosie: AC/DC (Jan 2004)

- Latest track added, Days Of Armageddon: Songdog

- Longest music track, Haq Ali Ali: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (25 mins)

- Shortest music track, Field Day for the Sundays: Wire (28 secs)

- Number of Bob Dylan tracks, 334

- Number of Jamiroquai tracks, 0


Teifion said...

Not including the copious podcast collection mine is a mere

4,000 songs compared to 30,000

266.4 hours of playing compared to 1913

Ignoring buzzerX (100586 plays) Jesus Be Glorified has a strong 1252 plays against your meagre 43

Screwtape Letters Toast was added on 07/07/2006, a couple of years after your first song

Latest Track is Sonne by Rammstein

Longest Track is (looking only at music rather than radio recordings) "Black Rose Immortal" by Opeth at 20 minutes 27 seconds

Shortest is BuzzerX at 0.01, that or the Colonel sketch by Monty Python at 21 seconds

I have no Bob Dylan Tracks, I win that one

I also have no Jamiroquai tracks, we both win that one

brett jordan said...

Assuming your version of Jesus Be Glorified is performed by Skillet (4 minutes 38 seconds), you've listened to it for the equivalent of four 24-hour days! Now that is some serious praising, I cock my hat to you :-) Go Teifion!

Teifion said...

You are completely correct. I've listened to it a lot but some of that time was overnight when I left my computer playing but even then that's part of whole playlist.

Peter said...

Congratulations on achieving those stats. I happen to be a very longtime fan of the Zombies and Colin Blunstone. Great to know he's got fans all over the world... all sorts of people, all ages... I first heard the Zombies the very first time their single was played in the US., on a NYC radio station Aug 4, 1964 (I kept a diary when I was a kid so that date is etched in memory.) If you don't also have all the Zombies recordings in your iPod, I recommend adding them. Take care... Peter