Wednesday, December 19, 2007

3 Skypephone

In the middle of November I got an email from Matt at offering me a couple of the new 3skypephones to try out. I hardly use my phone for voice calls, so I got them sent to my eldest daughter and her boyfriend.

Here is their feedback:


- Very small and slim.

- 3 provides a lot of useful tariffs on pre-pay.

- Skype chat is fast, history shown, easy to delete.

- Camera is good, with options to optimise images for MMS.

- Attractive, clear layout of phone menus.

- Nice (unusual) keypad tones.

- Allows access to simple text websites.

- Voice calls work well.


- 'Roaming' function is unpredictable, can be in the same place and suddenly be 'roaming' (outside of the 3 network).

- Fiddly keypad buttons.

- Don't like having to press 7 instead of * to unlock.

- Gets VERY hot during voice/skype calls.

- Deleting contacts on Skype is slow and frustrating.

- Irritating dial tone.

- Couldn't find a way to lock the keypad.

- Doesn't seem to like sending '3mails' with images.

- Voice volume is too quiet.

- Scrolling around takes a bit of getting used to.

- Predictive text only works with text messages.

- Interface can be fussy.

- Slow access to text messages.

- "Connecting your call - hold on" message is unnecessary.

- Expensive on contract (£12 for 100 texts or minutes plus Skype).

- Prominent Skype button is annoying. Could be on side instead of the "change apps" button and use middle button as menu key.

- Takes a long time to charge.

- Doesn't support MSN, but still shows the options.

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