Monday, November 05, 2007

Pervasive internet access, now.

Pervasive broadband is becoming more affordable by the day. I already check my email and browse the web on my Nokia E65 via Vodafone's 3G network. And I can use the E65 as a modem for my PowerBook, via Bluetooth.

Three is now offering internet access packages for your laptop via their cell network. And it would appear that it is available for Macs as well as PCs.

As their web site reports: [edited]

No more wires, no more hassles, no more waiting for a line to be installed. Just plug the USB Modem into your laptop and within five minutes you’re on the web. You can even swap your modem between computers - your broadband wherever you want it.

If you like to take your laptop out to study in the park or work over a latte, you don’t need to search for a hotspot. Mobile Broadband uses 3’s mobile network so you can use your modem wherever you are, and if you’re on 3’s new Turbo network you’ll get broadband speeds of up to 2.8mbps.

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Skep said...

This is most excellent news. Finally, a usable mobile broadband setup. This *IS* the best thing since sliced bread. Great find. :)