Thursday, November 01, 2007

320GB laptop drive

Reg Hardware reports: [edited]

WD today rolled out its latest 2.5" drive, a 320GB monster ready for connecting to a 3Gbps SATA port.

The Scorpio 320 is 9.5mm high (will fit a MacBook Pro). It has 8MB of cache and a maximum spin speed of 5400rpm, although WD's Intelliseek technology will slow it down if it can do so without reducing the data throughput, to keep the unit's power consumption and noise levels down.

The WD3200BEVS is available now, WD said, from its online store and soon through its reseller channel for $200 (£97).


Brecon Jordan said...

We thats nothing compared to hitachi's plans.,138434-pg,1/article.html

Looks amazing

brett jordan said...

yep, comforting to know that there may still be room for my iTunes collection in ten years time :-)

brecon said...


Hopefully it won't be that large...

And its amazing how quickly things are developing.