Friday, October 05, 2007

Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60

RegHardware reports: [edited]

Vertu's latest creation costs £12,600, and has been designed to celebrate Ferrari's 60th anniversary.

The back of the handset is partly decked in brown leather, embossed with Ferrari's logo, and a titanium panel featuring a gear-box pattern.

The screws used to hold the phone together have the same head pattern as those used to hold Ferrari's cars together and (just in case you don't think you're getting excellent value for money) Vertu have thrown in some Ferrari ring tones and wallpapers too.

The phone gives four hours talk time and is tri-band GSM. It also includes Bluetooth and has "precision engineered" keys to help users dial their butlers more accurately.

The Ferrari 60 handset is available now. You'll have to hurry though because only 60 are being made.

Spookily, you could buy 60 iPhones for the price of one Ascent Ferrari 60.

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