Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dear Sarah

Every once in a while, I come across a typeface that is special. 'Dear Sarah' is one of those typefaces.

In the words of its creator, Christian Robertson:

"Dear Sarah harks back to a time when people wrote to loved ones in longhand on wax-sealed stationery. Until the advent of OpenType, the magic of handwritten characters was ruined when identical letters glaringly showed up twice in a row.

Dear Sarah Pro uses OpenType to its full potential, with hundreds of contextual alternates that allow natural cursive connections, plus swash, dingbats, and small caps."

There is even a set of beautifully crafted 'ink-blot' characters.

Visit Veer Type to see the whole typeface. And download the excellently produced 6-page PDF to see how beautiful it looks in print form.

At a mere $119.00, it's now at the top of my 'find a project that gives me an excuse to purchase it' (FAPTGMAETPI) list.


soraneko said...

It costs HOW MUCH?!

I guess this would be one occasion in which when you had a conversation starting "Daddy, do you have X font?" the answer would actually be "No... *cries*"

Big Bad Pete said...

As someone who has never purchased a typeface, is this at the top end pricewise for a typeface??

brett jordan said...

for a single weight typeface, this is towards the top end... however, there is a lot of stuff in it, with all the alternate characters, etc... to see what 'high-end' font families cost, visit http://www.typography.com, or http://www.houseind.com/