Friday, September 21, 2007

The Wii could have been made for this game

Yahoo! reports: [edited]

LucasArts has announced that its next-generation action adventure, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, will be arriving on the Nintendo Wii platform, in addition to its already revealed PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Ever since the Wii's unusual motion-sensing controllers were unveiled, gamers and Star Wars fans around the globe have been anticipating using the Wii-mote to control a lightsaber. Their wish will be fulfilled next year when the game is scheduled to release.

LucasArts also mentioned the Nunchuk controller will allow players to enact their character's Force powers.

The Wii version of the game will feature an exclusive Duel Mode that pits players in head-to-head battles for the title of ultimate Jedi master.

Set in the span of time between Episode III and IV, the player will take on the role of Darth Vader's apprentice.

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