Thursday, August 16, 2007


The Phoenicians populated the island now known as Lanzarote around 1100 BC. The first known record came from Pliny the Elder in the encyclopedia Naturalis Historia on an expedition to the Canary Islands.

The names of the islands (then called Insulae Fortunatae) were recorded as Canaria (Gran Canaria), Ninguaria (Tenerife), Junonia Mayor (La Palma) and Capraria (El Hierro). Lanzarote and Fuerteventura were only mentioned as an archipelago.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Canary islands became abandoned until 999 AD when Arabs created a few settlements. In 1336, a ship arrived from Lisbon under the guidance of Lanzarote da Framqua.

From 1730 to 1736 the island was hit by a series of volcanic eruptions, creating 32 new volcanoes in a stretch of 18 km. Lava covered a quarter of the island's surface, including the most fertile soil and eleven villages.

In 1927, Lanzarote as well as Fuerteventura became part of the province of Las Palmas.

Brett and his four kidz will be staying at a villa near Puerto del Carmen for a week, starting today. This paragraph is the only part of this blog that wasn't cribbed from Wikipedia.


Antony Billington said...

... although the fact of your stay will, I am sure, leave its mark on the rich history of the islands.

brett jordan said...

Well, the checkout lady at the local supermarket will probably remember the guy who forgot to bring his passport, then tried to pay using VISA... oh, and the local drivers, following someone used to driving an automatic on the other side of the road...

Mr Bill said...


Sounds like you are having a lovely time. Someone suggested that you wear a glove on the right hand, so you always remember which side of the road you should be driving on.

Obviously remembering to switch the glove to the left hand upon returning to dear old Blighty!

The downside is that you will not get a tan on your right hand.

brett jordan said...

yep, having a great time...

however, i think a much simpler solution would just be to change everyone over to driving on my side of the road... maybe they could do it in stages... buses and trucks first, followed by private transport?