Monday, August 20, 2007

Braun/Apple connection reports: [edited]

Colleagues in Japan and after them in the USA have discovered that the iPhone has a precedent in Braun’s past. The electronic calculator ET33 from 1977 has pretty much the same form factor as the revolutionary iPhone. The ET33 and its successors up to ET88 featured those cool semi-spherical buttons.

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Taccia said...

The buttons are obviously "borrowed" from Mr. Ram's Braun calculator however I don't think they work well with the rest of the new iPhone especially with that gaudy chrome back. It's one thing to copy but in my opinion when you use the "borrowed" information tastelessly it only adds insult to injury. You're not Dieter Rams Mr. Jobs. Respect your sources. You were on the right track with several designs like the Mac Pro Tower, 2nd series iPod, Airport Extreme etc. etc. but recently I feel you've lost your way.