Tuesday, July 10, 2007


PC Mag reports: [edited]

Inkless printing company ZINK Imaging completed its purchase of Konica Minolta's manufacturing facility in North Carolina on July 5, enabling ZINK to step-up production of paper for its its Zero-Ink print process.

The special photo paper is comprised of dye crystals that are set in the paper. Before the printing process begins, the dye crystals become clear, making the ZINK paper look like a regular piece of white photo paper, but when run through a ZINK-enabled printer, heat triggers the dye crystals to add color.

This sounds like a cool idea, however I wonder if it is something that not many people need. Screen technologies are getting better and cheaper by the month, many people I know are quite happy looking at their photos on their camera's or mobile phone's screen most of the time. And when a more permanent record is required, even a cheap ink jet printer is capable of producing excellent results.

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