Thursday, June 14, 2007


EETimes reports: [edited]

Backed by the MultiMediaCard Association, and based on core technology from Taiwan, the new miCard might just be what the system designer ordered. It slips into a standard USB slot yet complies with MMC electrical specs. That means consumers wouldn't need to buy MMC/SD card readers for PCs, and if it proves popular then system designers may not need to design in internal readers, either.

With 60Mbytes per second in throughput, miCard trounces all mainstream cards in speed. An interface that handles a hefty 2048 gigabytes of capacity is future proof and only matched by Sony's MS Duo and Pro. And at 12 x 21 x 1.95 mm, its only competition is the microSD (15 x 11 x 1 mm).

Working prototypes were unveiled today in Taiwan and will be on display at next week's Computex, one of the region's largest IT shows. The spec will be published by the MMCA in June and mass production of the first batch is expected in the third quarter.

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