Monday, June 04, 2007

Mario Strikers: Charged Football

Imagine a game of football, where the white lines of the pitch are replaced by an electric fence. And where concrete blocks the size of a semi-detached house are regularly dropped on the hapless players. Now throw in power shots that launch everything from balls to sledgehammers at the goalie. You're getting close to understanding the attraction of Mario Strikers: Charged Football.

My (lack of) interest in the Beautiful Game borders on the proverbial, but I've really enjoyed watching Brook and Zak playing this game. It features all the usual Mario suspects, both goodies and baddies. And there is always LOTS happening.

Mario Strikers is about fun - speed, points all accompanied by Flintstone-style sound effects as you bash (and get bashed by) your opponents. Tactical use of power ups is essential, and intelligent passing and ball possession is rewarded with an accumulation of striking power.

The background music is the usual Nintendo superb. Appropriate and catchy, with a 70s disco-funk flavour, contrasted with nu-metal power chords at appropriate moments. The controllers work brilliantly, Brook and Zak were familiar with the moves and buttons within minutes of playing (they grudgingly worked on the tutorial for a few seconds, but quickly went back to learning it as they went along).

Mario Strikers has a single-player mode, but it makes a LOT more sense as a multi-player game. And if you're a Billy (or Billie) No-Mates, then you can always look for participants online. Mario Strikers is the first Wii game to takes advantage of online-play, and it works brilliantly, intuitively and (most of the time) lag-lessly.

If you've got a Wii, this is one to put on the wish (wiish?) list. If you haven't, this could be the game that makes the purchase worthwhile.


ConradGempf said...

Three questions, Brett...

1) Wii swordfights make so much sense, but Wii Football? Unless you strap the wand to your foot, isn't this the stupidest use of what should be an intuitive interface?

2) You mention multiplayer but don't specifically say: is two-player mode only for Player One against Player Two, as Wii Golf, or is it possible for Players One and Two to team up against a computer-controlled team (or internet buddies) as in Wii Tennis?

3) Don't you think that this last friendly against Brazil proves that McLaren needs to drop Lampard in order to let Gerrard be Gerrard?

brett jordan said...

1. we tried strapping it to our feet, but after we'd broken 27 wands, decided to stick with 'unintuitive'.

2. i think it is one person per team, so person v person, or person v wii

3. Not wishing to avoid the question, but wasn't it good to see David Beckham back again, and playing so well... i've really missed those trademark crosses and free-kicks, and that set piece was pure genius!

As for the vexed question of Lampard v Gerrard, there did at least seem to be some attempt to address the balance of the midfield link between the two of them...

Gerrard was competent in his midfield role, however, Lampard lacked drive as an attacker, certainly not good enough for international level football... Gerrard compensated brilliantly, only time will tell if it ever becomes a proper partnership, or whether it will continue to compromise Gerrard's game

To be honest, it all hangs on Owen Hargreaves returning to full fitness, allowing McClaren a little more choice

Now, if only they could incorporate randomly dropping huge concrete blocks onto the players... all seems a bit dull compared to Nintendo's version

soraneko said...

After seeing those powerball thingies you were trying to block earlier, I don't think I'll ever see football in the same light again... (it somehow seems even MORE boring!)

brett jordan said...

Correction: Play modes can be 2 against 2.

Anonymous said...

yo brett jordan:
how do u play 2 player with people in ur house with 2 wii controllers and numchucks
like what buttons do u have to press to get the other hand up to chagne there team.
and what page do u press the buttons on.
it doesnt say in the instrution maual

if u dont no wat i meen how do u play 2 player with out using wifi

i am confusesd. please help