Saturday, June 23, 2007

iPhone guided tour

Skip all the rumours and speculation. Visit Apple's Guided Tour for a 25 minute introduction to the decade's most talked about piece of hardware.


soraneko said...

You mean the "iPiphany Guided Tour"? :P

brett jordan said...

*blush*... yes, that's what I meant to type :-)

ConradGempf said...

Still no look inside the Calendar or Notepad, although their website now at least confirms that you will be able to add appointments to the Calendar on the phone itself (as the video confirms you can add addresses and contact info).

Did you notice that the 'pinch' was always used to expand -- pinch out -- and never to contract in the video?

Did the tapping look inconsistent to you? Sometimes double-tap meant zoom out, but it doesn't look like that's always the case... and in one app, you single-tapped with two fingers?

A separate app for YouTube?! What gives?! With only room on the main screen for a limited number of applications, and with a version of Safari that works well with bookmarks, and for the sophisticated market that this is aimed at, why the oak would you want a dedicated icon for YouTube?! There it is sitting right next to "Stocks." Yeah, they belong together. To get to full-length, full-quality feature films that you paid for, you have to tap on 'iPod', then go to films within iPod... but to get to YouTube you only have to tap once on the home screen?!?!

No games advertised yet? And no room for them on the home screen either?

Unless perhaps the home screen is customizable? But there's no 'more' button like there is in that other customizable set of buttons.

The video was useful, but I'm amazed at how much I still don't know about the device -- which means it's feature-rich not spartan, despite everyone being dead against feature-bloat.

brett jordan said...

I think i preferred the football questions.

Major Look said...

I agree with Conrad

soraneko said...

Now my head hurts :(