Monday, May 28, 2007

Harley hearse

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: [edited]

Mark Krause's latest twist on funeral traditions features an air-cooled, twin cam engine; six gears; and a glass-sided carriage trimmed with crushed velvet.

"Just trying to do something different," said Krause, who is known for just that. "Milwaukee's a Harley town, and there are so many people (who) find recreation in motorcycles."

Krause is among a group of funeral directors nationwide who have been shaking up the tradition-bound business with practices that cater to a trend of less ceremony, more socializing and more personalization in funerals.

Industry observer Doug Hernan said Krause's latest move fits the trend toward customizing funerals and giving them "a little bit more 'wow' factor."

"Really, it's a little bit more thinking about the funeral as theater," he said. "The funeral director of yesterday was more of an order-taker," Hernan said. "Today, he's expected to be an event planner."


The Thin Blue Line said...

Hey, why not? It's your last chance to make a statement.
I've just read your post about the honda bike as well. I don't know much about bikes, but I know "pretty cool" when I see it. And I love the look of that one.

Aaron Butler said...

'Bloody death trap'.