Thursday, February 08, 2007

Concertina seating

Saw an article about an expanding piece of furniture on BoingBoing. Then Aaron emailed me to say he'd seen it as well. There was no information about it, but after a lot of Googling, I found a Chinese Engadget article, a Google translation follows: [not much edited it is]

"Want to plug the chair before you welcome the review of reproducing sofas, chairs iRocker rock and chairs robot. Underneath will introduce to you the products based on the winning design-paper nest chairs.

"This industrial design students from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Design and Development, known as "wishful chairs" green paper chairs. and the honeycomb material is the main plank of paper recycling. Designers flexibility with the use of honeycomb paper is very good to resist pressure characteristics of this chair for the change is stretching the capacity. Wishful can normally chairs contraction into 30 cm size of small rooms that few would not be crowded. When a group of friends and family to visit the same time, the chair can be extended to a maximum of 720 cm. 16 adults sitting at the same time."

If you want to see the furniture in action, there is an entertaining video on YouTube.

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