Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pimp my blimp reports: [edited]

Since 2002, Skyacht Aircraft has been developing the Personal Blimp. The goal of this work has been to create an aircraft capable of quiet, steerable, sustained, and affordable flight.

The Personal Blimp is a hot air balloon that can be manoeuvered in near silence. Passengers in a Personal Blimp have a serene experience of flight unavailable in any other type of aircraft.

The Personal Blimp can be deflated and folded for storage. The combination of buoyancy control and rapid deflation eliminates the need for hangars and ground crews required for helium airships.

With the engine/propeller mounted on the tail, the Personal Blimp can use vectored thrust for steering. This allows greater manoeuverability, particularly for hovering.

Since its first flight in October, the Alberto has completed the FAA's required 10 hours of Phase I flight testing. Our work now focuses on both refining its systems and further expanding its capabilities.


soraneko said...

Daddy, I wants one *pouts and stomps foot*

brett jordan said...

What? AND a pony? AND an axolotl?

"Wait a minute, I'll just go down to the end of the garden and pick some notes off the money tree" :-)

soraneko said...

Noes... it's so I can transport my pangolin and kinkajou... silly!

brett jordan said...

Will that be a giant, tree or ground pangolin, princess? As for the kinkajou... there is NO WAY you're having ANYTHING that Paris Hilton has used as a fashion accessory!



soraneko said...

Unfortunately I did notice that AFTER I fell in love with them :( However, mine will be cooler and won't bite me and cause a fuss!