Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iPhone announced

Steve Jobs has ended years of speculation by announcing the iPhone.

It is an elegant looking unit, about the size of a medium-size Pocket PC. It does all the mobile phone, iPod, email and web-browsing stuff. But the jewel in the crown is that they've given it a decent operating system (Mac OSX).

The bad news is that it isn't due for release until June in the States, and Europe has to wait until Christmas!

Now I've got to keep my Nokia 6210 working until I get my hands on one.

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Sora said...

You should see some of the criticisms people are bringing up on this chat board I'm on. Saying it's pretty pointless and won't be as nice to use as people are making out

Eitherway I think it's beautiful and I'll looking forward to you getting one so I can play with it :D

Americans are complaining a lot cos it seems they've picked the most useless carrier network they could've ever found over there...

brett jordan said...

"It's my belief that humans developed language because of their deep, inner need to complain."

Lily Tomlin