Monday, January 01, 2007

Brett starts a new blog

Brett Jordan's two penn'orth reports: [edited]

Last year I started a blog [yes, this one, ed]. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed maintaining it, and how many people enjoyed viewing it. It is essentially a 'I found this cool stuff and thought I'd share it' kind of site, and I'll continue publishing it until I get bored with it.

A number of people have said they would like to hear a little more about what I think of life [no, really, they did] . This will be the site for them. The aim will be for it to publish a couple of ideas a week based on my own personal experience. The topics will be unashamedly 'Brett-shaped', and will make no claims to be scientific or exhaustively researched.

Comments are enabled, and welcomed.

1 comment:

Jason Clark said...

I'm looking forward to this :-)