Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nokia 95 - convergence continues to converge

The soon-to-be-released Nokia N95 boasts an impressive feature-set, including a 2.6" 240x320 pixel display, 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, stereo Bluetooth, infra-red and GPS satellite navigation.

Sensible extras include hot-swappable micro-SD memory, an FM radio (what, no DAB?), a standard (hurrah!) USB port to connect to your computer and a 3.5mm headphone socket (hip, hip hurrah!), so you can use any brand of earpiece without an adapter.

This is all packaged in a two-way slider design. Move the screen up for a conventional mobile phone keypad. Move it down and you get a set of multimedia keys, and the screen switches to 'landscape' mode.

The N95 has Symbian S60 as its operating system, with a range of programs to capture, manipulate and share images and video clips, a multimedia player, Visual Radio, an advanced web browser, email client, file viewer and personal information management tools.

All in a package that weighs less than 120 grams with the dimensions of a credit card (well, a chubby credit card... OK, a morbidly obese, 21mm-thick credit card).

With the rumours reaching hysteria levels over Apple's (allegedly) forthcoming iPhone, I won't be buying one until next year. But if nothing emerges, or it turns out to be little more than an iPod with a SIM card, this is nearer to the kind of compromise i would be willing to make, especially if it synchronises with my Mac's address book and calendar.

Now if ONLY they could make it a bit slimmer!


Aaron Butler said...

Nice. I like it. I believe that is the phone that I saw a certain Mr. Bond using last night in 'Casino Royale'.

And I was just getting used to a Nokia interface again.

brett jordan said...

I'm guessing by that you mean you were getting used to the 'standard' Nokia interface, as opposed to the Nokia Symbian S60 operating system?