Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Digital fragility

Saw this posted on the gym wall this morning.

Made me wonder how many years of work are sitting on flash memory. The millions of 'priceless memories' that exist as JPEGs on digital cameras and mobile phones. Entire music collections on MP3 players.

Most of them won't be backed-up. Terabytes of data, all of it an absent-minded moment, or a 'format this drive' away from oblivion.

I haven't backed up my laptop for weeks.

I'll be doing it this evening.


Simon said...

I have a USB pen somewhere, I think I may have actually managed to loose it for once, oh well. All my work appears to be backed up numerious times for some reason... on my pc, on home pc, on friends pc, on remote hosting, on backup server... the list goes on and on, God forbid I need to make sure I delete something and have it stay deleted.

conradgempf said...

Won't it be a relief when Web 2.0 comes in for real, and we can trust the big corporations like Microsoft to keep our data safe and secure for us?

John D. said...

If I have to depend on Microsoft or Apple to store my data, I'll go back to using a pencil and note pad.

Anonymous said...

well come on man. you cant leave us hanging. what software did you use and how easy was it. i suggest a complete write up with apple's backup software and another of your choice.

brett jordan said...

Hi Anon.

I use Carbon Copy Cloner with a 250GB La Cie external drive for a full, bootable backup, and Synchronise Pro X to do a selective bootable backup (basically everything except my 80GB iTunes library) on to a 100GB SmartDrive which I carry around with me.

Anonymous said...

thank you. that was the type of info i was looking for. not only do you back up a bootable drive but you are doing it to more than one drive. off to frys.