Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ars Magna*

Jim Kalb's site is a cornucopia of wordplay-related stuff. Listed below are some satisfyingly apposite anagrams I hadn't come across before.

astronomer = moon starer

circumstantial evidence = can ruin a selected victim

intoxicate = excitation

parishioners = I hire parsons

schoolmaster = the classroom

semolina = is no meal

Statue of Liberty = built to stay free

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring = "Time's running past", we murmur

The United States of America = Attaineth its cause: Freedom!

War on terrorism = Swarm into error

Western Union = no wire unsent

William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller

*'Ars Magna' is Latin for 'Great Art', and an anagram of 'anagram'

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