Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More free typefaces

Apostrophich Lab have a number of well-drawn typefaces available for free download. Amongst my favourites are:

Day Roman is a balanced Gill-influenced face, with shades of Joanna and Aries. It has 'proper' numerals, and a complementary 'expert' set.

Hadley (and Hadley Alternate) provides a well-kerned, surprisingly legible art-deco typface with a number of letter-shape options.

would be equally at home on a techno album sleeve or the bottom of a skateboard. And there is a bewildering range of widths and variations available, including italic.

Scriptina captures the spirit of beautiful handwriting, and includes a range of alternate characters.

is a legible 'hand-formed' font, with the lower case providing alternative shapes.

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Alex said...

Dude. That Day font is brilliant. Thanks for pointing it out.