Friday, October 20, 2006

Enviga; going even lower than Zero

From Coca-Cola's press release [edited]

The drink proven to burn calories – Enviga – hits the U.S. market in the Northeast in November and will roll out nationally in January 2007. A carbonated drink containing green tea extracts, calcium, and caffeine, Enviga is a joint venture of Nestlé and Coca-Cola.

“Enviga increases calorie burning. It represents the perfect partnership of science and nature,” said Dr Rhona Applebaum, chief scientist, The Coca-Cola Company.

“Enviga contains the optimum blend of green tea extracts (EGCG), caffeine and naturally active plant micronutrients designed to work with your body to increase calorie burning.

“The accumulated body of scientific research shows the ability of green tea’s powerful antioxidant EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) to speed up metabolism and increase energy use, especially when combined with caffeine” said Nestlé researcher Dr Hilary Green.

Studies have shown that when EGCG and caffeine are present at the levels comparable to that in three cans of Enviga, healthy subjects in the lean to normal weight range can experience an average increase in calorie burning of 60 – 100 calories.

“We’ve seen a shift in consumers’ attitudes toward diet and health and wellness, with more consumers seeking product choices that support active lifestyles, rather than just eliminating things from their diet,” said John Hackett, senior vice president, Coca-Cola North America Marketing.


ConradGempf said...

I'm sure that this is the perfect partnership of something, I'm not sure it's nature & science.

brett jordan said...

maybe human nature, and economic science?

Major Look said...

So all I now need to do is add some green tea to my coffee every morning and I should be as thin as a rake by Christmas?


brett jordan said...

Sources close to the Coca Cola camp inform me the 'green tea and coffee' route has already been tried, under the code name 'Emetika'.