Monday, October 30, 2006

12 USB devices you might not want

PC Magazine has collected 12 of the weirdest USB-powered devices, and displayed them on a page titled '10 Weirdest USB Devices'. Curiously, they fail to mention which 2 of the 12 items they don't consider weird.

Amongst the gems are memory sticks made of real sticks, the fondue (sorry, FUNdue) set pictured, a disco ball and a hamster wheel.

It seems to me that the hamster wheel was a wasted opportunity. Surely it would have been better if they had installed a mini-generator in the wheel's hub, the hamster (not included) could then earn its sunflower seeds charging my PowerBook's battery.


ConradGempf said...

These are obviously for the PeeCee. As usual, Apple is ahead of the curve. With a MacBook Pro, you don't need to tie up a USB socket for a Fondue, just put a little pot on the wristrests and the cheese or chocolate will melt by itself.

brett jordan said...


Anonymous said...

How could they miss the USB Desktop Tanning Center!

(Another April Fool's Day product from ThinkGeek.)