Monday, September 18, 2006

Suburban Home Records Sampler

Suburban Home Records are hosting a sampler download of the artists they promote.

The styles range from Springsteen-esque rock to 'shouty-shouty, growly-growly, thrashy-thrashy'. I've kept a few of the tracks. My favourites include 'Me and Joe Went Out to California...' from Drag The River (Buffalo Tom meets early John Mellencamp), 'Idle Idylist' by Tim Barry (could be a Slobberbone tribute band!) and 'All Is Forgotten' by Dead Girls Ruin Everything (which also gets my coveted 'Best Band Name of the Month' award).

For the sensitive souls or those of you with young-uns, a few of the tracks contain bad-language.

You can download the songs track-by-track, or grab a zip file containing all of them.

If you decide to keep any of the tracks, and want an image for your iTunes artwork click here.

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