Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Some more (free) typefaces

misprintedtype.com has a number of free fonts available for download (PC & Mac). All of them are worth a browse, but these are my favourites:

Nail Scratch - Descriptively named. All capitals, but the 'lower case' set provides alternate shapes - useful for when you have two of the same letter in close proximity.

Diesel - Using an 'outline' design, with the outside distressed more than the inside, lends 'clarity to the disparity'.

Porcelain - Brilliantly squiggly (a typographic term) yet elegant. Word to the wise: if you want people to be able to read what you've typed, avoid 'all caps'!

Dirty Ego - An excellent 'stencil' font. All capitals, but the lower case set is 'dirtier' than the upper case.

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