Monday, August 28, 2006

Gaming goes pink

The release of a new games console in Japan is always an event. Huge, police-managed queues are not uncommon. However, when the Nintendo DS lite was released in Japan, it wasn't the length of the queues that made headlines, but their content.

For the first time in gaming history, there were FEMALES in the queues. And not just teenage manga lookalikes. The Nintendo DS's friendly interface and games like Nintendogs, Animal Crossing and Brain Age have drawn a wide range of Japan's demographic into the joys of gaming.

The pink Nintendo DS was released on July 20, and has been a tremendous success.

Never one to miss a marketing trick, Sony has responded with pink versions of their PS2:

And their PSP:

Go on, you KNOW you want one.


sky jordan said...

Everyone hates a copy-cat...

Skep said...

Yeah... I'm actually getting fed up Sony, now. First, they copy the industry by bringing out the PlayStation. Next, they steal the wireless controller idea from the XBox 360. To continue the idea theft, they take the controller motion sensors from Nintendo, and NOW they're copying the pink? Sony are really starting to piss me off, I think they should get their own goddamn marketing strategies and ideas for once.
Hell, Nintendo and Microsoft should actually sit back for a while and tell Sony to invent the next big thing, then they can steal it, make it better, sell it cheaper, AND get higher sale rates.