Thursday, August 17, 2006

30,000 songs on your iPod?

PC Advisor reports: [edited]

A 1.8" 120GB hard drive [the size used in] iPods is scheduled to be released by Seagate in December this year.

Seagate CEO William Watkins spoke to BusinessWeek to describe the advantages hard drive technology holds over its flash-based alternatives. He recognises that as flash memory capacities grow, hard drive sales may see some challenges, but the technology maintains one key advantage: its lower cost per gigabyte of storage.

While he doesn't claim Seagate's new 120GB drives will ship in future iPods, he does remark: "We have this new opportunity in 1.8" drives, which is starting to grow for handheld video."

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ConradGempf said...

Man! A half-dozen of those babies, and you'll have room for almost all your CDs. Or at least up to the "R"s.