Friday, June 23, 2006

Move over OSX, BumpTop is coming!

I can still remember how bowled-over I was by my first experience of the Macintosh operating system... a desktop, folders to put things in, a trash can, the ability to point, click and grab... using a MOUSE!!! Well that was 1986, and 20 years later I've just seen something that makes OSX look tired.

Visit GearLive for a 6-minute video and a brief explanation of a very interesting experiment in how we could interact with computers.

Thanks to Conrad for pointing this one out.


jason Clark said... we need tablet mac's :-)

brett jordan said...

With the massive 'success' that Microsoft have had with the tablet format, I'm guessing it will be a while until we see that happening!

Major Look said...

Wow - That is fantastic. I wonder how much is 'gimmick' factor? Lovely ideas and if they could be implemented into an OS and we could choose between all the functions that would be lovely.

Great uses in brainstorming and I am guessing using MP3's in iTunes etc - it would allow you to 'browse' record collections again.

Very excited and want it now!

Skep said...

Absolutely pointless, probably never going to be implemented on work-based computers (but Macs might do it...), but a whole world of all kinds of cool!

Major Look said...


Damn, why didn't I see the futility of a new way of working with files.

Skep said...

Because it's just a toy, it's not REALLY a good way of "organising" files. It'll be a complete flop if they try and put it into an OS, absolutely gauranteed.

brett jordan said...

The, erm, 'piles' concept was actually patented by Apple over ten years ago ( and was heavily rumoured to be released in OSX 10.3.

To me the main problem with an interface like this would be the need for a huge screen to make it workable (oh, and LOTS of processing power)... maybe it could be an 'optional' view, just as you can currently choose between 'list' and 'icon' view?

Aaron said...

WOW. The future is here. Or perhaps yesterday.