Friday, June 16, 2006

From the 'How cool is that?' department

Fukuda's Automatic Door utilises motion-detecting slats that match the shape of the person or object passing through. This helps maintain a stable temperature in a room and minimises the amount of contaminants being transferred between working areas.

My guess is that the energy-saving objectives will be thwarted, at least in its early days, by people repeatedly walking through it, amazed at its 'cool' factor!

It’s still in prototype mode, but if you are fluent in Japanese there is a website you can visit.


sky jordan said...

"So, if I walk through like this?... yup.... and like this? Still does it! Cool! and like thiiiis... Oh my :o"

I'd have so much fun with a door like that XD

Major Look said...

I am not fluent in Japenese, and yet I could still visit the website - how cool is that? ;-)

brett jordan said...

Very cool Mr Look, very cool... sigh...