Friday, June 02, 2006

Free image resource

For quite a while now I have been using iStockPhoto and DreamsTime as sources of stock photography. The search engines are good, and the prices are so reasonable (as low as $1 a pop) that I purchase images for both personal and commercial projects.

A week or so ago, my brother Gareth introduced me to a new kid on the stock photography block. Stock.xchng boasts nearly a quarter of a million images, all linked to a decent search engine. And (for the majority of uses) most of the images are free, often only requesting that the images are credited (btw, thanks Jamie for the beautiful image illustrating this article).

The quality of the images is variable, but because you can download full-size, non-watermarked images, you can examine them in your favourite image-editor before you use them.

TIME WASTER ALERT: Browsing, downloading, viewing and editing images can be every bit as addictive as Google Video!

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Jason Clark said...

Thanks Brett, I've been using iStock recently. This looks great. Jason.