Wednesday, May 10, 2006

.Mac public folders now accessible from web browsers

If you've got a .Mac account and want to share files with non-Mac users, or if you are a PC user, and want to access a .Mac user's Public folder, things have just got a lot easier.

Entering the URL '' (where 'membername' is the, erm, member's name) in your web browser will render a page that includes download links for the contents of that .Mac account's Public folder.

You can also let friends and colleagues use your iDisk Public folder page to upload and share files themselves by selecing the iDisk pane in .Mac System Preferences and choosing the Read/Write option for your Public Folder.

There is the option to add password-protection if you want to limit access to a chosen few. If you add password-protection, your visitors will be prompted for a password when they first visit your Public folder. Note: your visitors should enter "public" (without the quotes) in the Name field when prompted for the Name and Password by Safari.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. I didn't realise it was available. Very useful for me as I travel around different companies and don't always have my laptop to gain access to files etc.

lala said...

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