Monday, May 01, 2006

iTalk concept

Thanks to Conrad for bringing this to my attention.

Christopher and Greg DeSantis have produced an excellent video for a concept Apple phone/PDA.

The phone looks great, and the video has high production values. If/when Apple produce a phone/PDA, I hope it isn't a million miles away from this.


Anonymous said...

The video is well done and the renderings of the phone are also well done but as a concept this phone won't work.

Any phone has to be easily operated with one hand. With the double flip panels that isn't going to be easily accomplished. When the panel with the control wheel opens when partially opened it will be the correct orientation. When fully opened it will be upside down unless the wheel has icons that can rotate with the panel.

brett jordan said...

yep, criticisms accepted... and if we're going down that route, the edges look too sharp as well!

but a lovely looking piece nonetheless :-)


Anonymous said...

One handed operation could be accomplished with a trigger and springs simultaneously opening each flap. Of course, that would be perfectly dampened. There could be two sets of icons on the scroll wheel that are only revealed when backlit. When partially opened, the right-side-up icons are lit and the upside-down are off. When fully opened, right-side-up are dimmed and upside down fade in.

What's missing is the headphone jack.. must be bluetooth :-).

In media mode, it looks like the movie has stereo speakers. Nice touch.

Nanotech batteries?

It's OK to dream...

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece of work. Very inspiring indeed. Although this may be a little off track, what music track (no pun intended) was used?
I would love to know the artist name, track and album.
Once again, marvelously executed.

brett jordan said...

The track is 'In the Waiting Line' by Zero 7, off their excellent Simple Things album (also used in the film, Garden State)

Sophie Barker is the chanteuse on the track, she has a 'solo' album out, called 'Earthbound', which is getting mixed reviews at the moment

Wonder whether they were thinking of the lyrics when making the film...

Do you believe/ In what you see
Motionless wheel/ Nothing is real
Wasting my time/ In the waiting line
Do you believe in /What you see

Luis said...

This is an excellent phone, I love it.
What a like the most is the Apple logo and the PDA sides. I think this phone would be nicer if it didn't have the flips but it's a good way to protect the PDA screen. One thing a really don't like it's the camera, it's HUGE.

I will buy this phone if it was made by Apple.

Super Job, I'm watching the Video every single Day.