Friday, May 19, 2006


The short film ‘Deviation’ was the Tropfest Official Selection at the Tribeca Film Festival 2006.

The writer/director Jon Griggs comments:

"What started out as a novel (and inexpensive) way to tell a short, darkly comedic story took a turn towards a political statement about choice and the need for individual questioning of the status quo.

"As an avid games-player, I used the relatively unknown medium of ‘machinima’ – (muh-sheen-eh-mah) – the convergence of filmmaking, animation and game development, to tell a story about one individual’s attempt to break out of the cycle of futile violence that has been his sole existence.

"The film was shot using an online game environment and a cast comprised of four ‘virtual actors’ who I had never met in the ‘real world’. Using an ingame voice-chat program and a ‘virtual camera’ I blocked, directed and shot the scenes using little more than a mouse, keyboard and a record button."

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